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Kapsali Farm is a small family operated farm located at picturesque Lambs Valley.

Currently we produce pasture raised eggs for local wholesale customers. Our model sees hens run at low densities, on pasture 24/7, utilising roaming shelters and holistic management techniques.

We use no chemicals or hormones anywhere on farm or in our production systems. The hens forage our forested and pasture areas with a high quality supplemental feed that contains natural ingredients, such as marigold to deliver dark, rich coloured yolks.

We provide an environment where chickens can express their true selves and produce the very best eggs available. Living with them full time is our loyal livestock guardian dog, Kawa, who along with high quality boundary fences, protects our flock from predation.

Our eggs are collected by hand multiple times daily from roll away nest boxes which deliver clean, high quality eggs without mechanical intervention. We grade and pack by hand to ensure every egg passes our exacting standards.

We are physically located at the top of our watershed ensuring our farm cannot be contaminated from external run off sources. Through our holistic approach to farm management we have long term goals to completely regenerate and revive our landscape, building soil carbon and enhancing biodiversity.

We are working with Regrarians Ltd, the world leading consultants in this space and other industry experts to deliver our goal of having a thriving, diverse landscape, creating a home and enterprise that provides good health, peace and happiness to all.

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